Store owner Kellie Dearman EmCee's a fashion show at a local church


Q. What's the best way to raise money for your charitable organization, and the best way for our company to promote itself?

A.  A Julia's Women's Wear Fashion Show!

Every year we participate in 10+ fashion shows and we know from experience that there is no better way to promote our store and the clothing that we sell. 
The organizations that choose Julia's know that we will do everything in our power to make their event a success... from fittings to music, to EmCee-ing, to supplying models if needed, we do it all.

We always recommend though, that organizations find models from within. Ladies love to see real, every day women modelling clothes, because they get a great idea on how it will look on their own body.

We also offer a 20% discount to models who volunteer their time for your organization, and a 15% discount to EVERYONE who comes to your event!

Ask us to help you plan your next great fundraiser.

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