Over the last 10 years, we have matured and changed, and grown into a store that caters to women not only concerned with how they look, but what they pay for their clothes! We try to offer the best prices we can for good quality clothes, many of them from Canadian manufacturers. 

Moving forward we hope to add more Canadian content to our brands.


Julia's Womens Wear opened on November 18, 2007 in the town of Stirling, Ontario. We are now in our 11th year in business.

Owners Dave Luetjen and Kellie Dearman named the store after their 9-year old daughter Julia. Over the years, local customers loved hearing radio commercials between Julia and her dad, as they bantered about a variety of topics related to the store.

We believe that service sets us apart from other retailers. With a small staff of dedicated professionals, we strive to give customized attention to everyone who comes through our doors. When you try something on, we will give you our honest opinion of how it looks, so you don't end up with clothes hanging in your closet that you will never wear.


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